Raising funds can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re on a tight budget. While it’s always great to throw a large fundraiser, there are plenty of other ways you can raise more money. Adding your own touches and making the fundraiser fun can go a long way in helping you to reach or even exceed your fundraising goals. No matter your project, you should be able to find some fun and profitable fundraising ideas. Here are a few fun things to sell for fundraisers.

Fun Things to Sell for Fundraisers

Fun Things to Sell for Fundraisers

A few fun things to sell for fundraisers include t-shirts, a design challenge, coupon books, bake sale, a popsicle stand, or an international food festival.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

Designing and selling T-shirts is a great and fun way to raise money for both individuals as well as organizations. Design themed t-shirts to represent your project or cause. Once you launch your campaign, spread the word via social media, email and word of mouth. One of the best ways to run a t-shirt fundraiser is to find a fundraising platform that will allow you to sell apparel and ship them for you.

Design Challenge

A design challenge offers a great opportunity to introduce custom merchandise into your fundraising project. A design challenge is also a great way to boost interest and get potential donors more excited to purchase your items. Ask your supporters to submit design ideas for a logo or t-shirt, for example, and then either let everyone vote on their favorites or choose a winner. Design challenges are great for sports teams, schools, nonprofits and church groups.

Coupon Books

Coupon books are a fantastic fundraising idea especially for community-based groups such as churches, neighborhood associations and churches. Approach local businesses to arrange special promotions and deals that will only be available via your coupon books. Businesses will appreciate the promotion and donors will enjoy the deals.

Bake Sales

Fundraising bake sales have been there for a while but they’re still definitely fun. The trick here is to make your bake sale stand out with a theme that reflects your fundraising focus, whether that be for a school club, sports team, or another organization. For instance, consider baked goods made from locally sourced ingredients to promote local farmers. Alternatively, you can put a twist on the classic bake sale by hosting yours online.

Popsicle Stand

This is a summer fave. You can freeze just about anything on a popsicle mold. Come up with creative flavors and you’ll be sure to attract more donors.

International Food Festival

If you aren’t sure how to get your supporters excited about your potluck-style fundraising event, consider organizing an international food festival. You can invite participant volunteers to bring home-cooked dishes or invite local restaurants to participate. Global food culture has been gaining popularity over the years and it’s an exciting way to get people excited about your cause.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the items you choose to sell for your fundraiser, be sure to let potential donors know why and how much you’re planning to raise. Plan the fundraiser early enough and make sure you market and promote the event as much as possible. With these fun things to sell for fundraiser, you can be sure to have your donors excited enough to purchase your items and contribute to your cause.