Whether you’re in the chess or drama club, there are tons of ways to raise money for your school club. Maybe your club needs to hold an event or requires funds for an upcoming school trip, you can always reach your goal if you plan how to get funding. Here are a few tips on how to raise money for a school club.

How to Raise Money for a School Club

There are a few different ways you can raise money for a school club. You can choose to either host a fundraising event, or do a more continuous route. Below are some of the many ways you can raise money.


How to Raise Money for a School Club

Cycle events are a great way to raise funds. Simply have your participants ride in teams to a common goal. Teachers can ride with their classes, or parents can compete with the school management. The best part is that many of your supporters already have their own bikes.


This can be a lot of fun, offering a great way to introduce students to the classic game of chess. Set up chess boards in a hall or library, for example, and have people compete in a tournament of skill and strategy.

Team Store

What better way to show your support for a school club than to have a team store? This is a great way to raise money, as your supporters can purchase merchandise from the team store, and a portion of the sales contribute to the club. This also allows family members who aren’t local to contribute towards your fundraiser.

Color Run

There are countless pictures of color runs online, so why not take the opportunity to host a color run at your school. Students and adults alike will enjoy racing while wearing white t-shirts and getting sprayed with colored powder at intervals. You can charge people to participate.

Bake Sales

Bake sales are a popular way to raise funds for a reason. They’re fun, easy and cost-effective, not to mention, who would resist sweet treats for a worthy cause? Bake sales are also flexible so you can tweak it in several ways to make it more interesting. Consider an interactive bake sale where students are allowed to make their own masterpieces or holiday-themed or seasonal.

Spelling Bee

Spelling bees offer numerous ways to raise funds. You can ask students to get sponsors for them to participate or sell tickets for people to attend the finals. It’s great for students of all ages. And you can scale the difficulty of the words by the participant’s ages.

Pajama Day

A pajama day fundraiser allows students as well as parents to donate to a good cause for the excuse to show up to school in their pajamas. It’s a creative way to raise money, keep things easy and works well for the colder months when everyone just wants to be cozy and warm.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ideas on how to raise money for a school club. Fundraising does not have to be boring, make things fun and creative and you’ll reach your targets in no time. Once you reach your goals, be sure to thank your donors. When it comes to raising money for your club, our team here at Huddleup Stores is prepared to help you raise money with your own team store.