Maintaining a sports team makes your lifestyle active and fun, but you need to face the reality of paying for expenses such as travel and equipment. Here are some sports fundraising ideas that you can mix and match as you learn how to raise money for sports teams.

For Kids and All Ages

Customized Apparel

Creating custom apparel is one of the easiest team fundraising ideas to do, plus it strengthens your team’s engagement with the community. Look for shops where you can order shirts and set up an online page where fans can order and make donations. The shirts can be sold during games, and you can also sell other fundraiser items to maximize income.

Shoe Drive

Fundraising for sports teams through a shoe drive fundraiser can get your team paid easily. You can contact a shoe drive facilitator so you can collaborate and set goals in shipping the materials. Your teammates should wear the shoe collections during games and events and once the quota is hit, the shoes are returned and your team gets a check.

Sports Camp

A kids’ summer sports camp is one of the cool school fundraising ideas that attracts parents, as their children get active and engaged. To reduce costs, you can use the public park or your own facilities to reduce costs and have your teammates act as coaches. Selling items for fundraisers such as customized shirts will also rake in funds. You can also create a partnership with parks, schools, and recreation programs so developing and hosting your camp can be easy.

Sports Fundraising Ideas
Sports Fundraising Ideas

Peer-to-peer Fundraiser

Peer-to-peer fundraising for sports teams is a highly customizable and flexible technique that works well for youth sports teams. It enables you to use multiple team fundraising ideas in fun ways. Team fundraisers or campaigns that can be done to raise money for a school club may include creating fundraising pages and hosting charity races or walkathons, coupled with creating race shirts for promotion.

Setting up a store online for a fundraising campaign is highly recommended and is the best way to go in setting up a store, especially when you want to reach a wider audience.

Community-Based Activities

Auction Events

An auction is undoubtedly a powerhouse fundraising technique on how to raise money for sports teams, and you can easily make an auction event casual or faux-fancy. You can look for a partnership with organizations, businesses, schools, and other local teams to have some items donated for auction. Your teammates can also have their own memorabilia set up for auction or have your merch sold during the event.

Fitness classes

Fitness classes are a classic hit when looking for fundraising ideas for high school sports. Offering classes for yoga, weightlifting, running, and dance is among the things you can do. Your whole team or even just one member can be skilled at any wellness and exercise activity, and from there, you can start deciding on setting up one-time or multi-week fitness classes in the community center, park, or gym. Distribute invitations and flyers and charge registration fees.

Team Fundraising Ideas
Team Fundraising Ideas

Community Get-togethers

A community potluck or picnic is one of the most effective sports team fundraising ideas in gathering a lot of people for a fixed ticket fee. This highly engaging technique requires extensive planning so plan ahead of time by thinking of games, contests, themes, and cook-off elements. A neighborhood field day can also be done by planning events such as fitness classes and summer camps. A small team of attendees may be led by each of your teammates, and individual mini-tournaments can also be made.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Food Trucks

A food truck partnership is one of the easiest fundraising ideas for high school sports that can get you a deal for a percentage-based fundraising campaign. Offer refreshments and foods such as pizza and burgers during your team’s events. Simply look for local food trucks online so you check menus and crowd favorites.

Discount Cards

Selling coupons or discount cards is one of the classic sports team fundraising ideas and you can reach out to local businesses to create special offers for cardholders. Businesses fancy this idea as they can easily attract more customers. Promote the partnership on social media and during your games.

As you learn how to raise money for sports teams, you realize that the key is making use of real-life community engagement to find the best fundraising scheme for your team. Try experimenting on team fundraisers to find which one will work best for your team.