Outside of playing ball, the largest responsibility for the local Little League® is planning out their annual fundraising projects. There are things you should consider when coming up with Little League fundraising ideas, such as determining the league budget, income sources, and what kind of support you will be able to receive from the surrounding community.

Little League Fundraising Ideas
Little League Fundraising Ideas

Raising funds can come in a variety of different ways; donations of fields or maintenance from the community, donations or sponsorships from local businesses, donations from individuals, sales from concession stands, among many others. Registration fees are also a way to raise funds, however, the fees should not be so high as to eliminate anyone from signing up due to lack of money.

Baseball fundraising does not need to be a difficult chore for those involved in planning. We suggest that the planning begin as early as possible in the fall. Create a planning timeline and a support plan in order to begin the phases before the season starts.

Baseball Fundraising

When you begin planning your fundraising, we suggest following these steps in order to create the most successful plan for your youth sports team.

Step 1: Set a Fundraising Goal

Once you determine your annual operating budget it’s time to set your fundraising goal. This goal is what is going to drive your plan and efforts throughout the year.

Step 2: Create a Fundraising Committee & Draft an Annual Plan

The fundraising committee is typically led by the Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator. The committee is formed to help with outreach efforts and donation procurement as well as handling any sponsorships. The plan should include all aspects of the outreach, procurement, and sponsorships, as well as fundraisers that the team and parents will need to participate in.

Step 3: Set an Outreach Plan

  • Put together a list of local businesses: contact name, email, phone number. Save this list to update each year.
  • Create a letter requesting donations. This letter should create excitement and include information about your league. Add pictures and offer suggestions on donations that would work depending on the type of business.
  • Design a list of fundraisers players and their parents can participate in.
  • Come up with ways to promote your league as being a great place to market to local businesses.
  • While encouraging donations, also ask for help promoting the league and requesting volunteer help.

Step 4: Create an Online Team Store

Consider setting up an online team store where your Little League® team, their family and friends can purchase merchandise to support the team. It is a simple and easy league fundraiser with loads of benefits.

  • Setup is typically free
  • No inventory to stock
  • Online store prints on demand (as needed)
  • Receive payment from the online store
  • Use your own logo
  • Select merchandise that you choose
  • Anyone can purchase from your store
  • Can purchase from computer, phone, or tablet
  • Passive fundraiser!
Little League Fundraising Ideas
Little League Fundraising Ideas

Analyze, Plan, and Succeed With Your Little League® Fundraising Ideas

Every year the excitement for the new sports season hits us, but so does the need to get our fundraising plans together. With some planning and a little bit of work, the fundraising season should be a breeze. Committee members, parents, and team players all working together to have the best season ever while making the operating budget work for their needs. Little League® fundraising is not so little, but it CAN be a great success with a little bit of work and planning.