Schools need to raise funds for various reasons. Whether you’re fundraising for a school trip or planning to renovate an old pitch, it’s important to have the right fundraising ideas and know how to make the fundraiser a success. Here are a few school fundraising tips to keep in mind when planning your next school fundraiser.

School Fundraising Tips

When it comes to organizing a fundraiser, it’s important to plan as early as possible. You’ll want a solid team with you, as well as have good communication between your team and your donors. Here are some tips to get you started:

Think Ahead and Start Early

School Fundraising Tips

Starting your fundraiser early increases the chances that you’ll raise more money. Start planning your fundraiser a few months before and lay the groundwork for a successive campaign. For instance, you can start planning for your spring fundraiser after the new year so everything is set in motion and ready to go when springtime comes. You’ll also want to think of what you want to sell, whether in person or on your team store.

Build a Solid Team

Create a team of like-minded individuals who bring different skills to the table. At the very least, you need to have a people person, someone good at counting and keeping track of the funds, and a task master who is good at logistics.

Set Clear Goals

Your fundraiser should state clearly the reasons for raising money and the amount you need. Clear goals will motivate potential donors and keep things on track. It also helps to heavily promote your goal (art supplies, new sports uniforms and bands can work wonders).

Pace Yourself

Avoid the temptation of trying to do everything at once. Come up with a reasonable task list for volunteers and a realistic timeline for the fundraiser. Stick to your timeline but don’t forget to leave some room for a few changes here and there. Things may not always work according to plan.

Ensure Clear Communication

Clear, concise communication keep things going according to plan and helps to avoid surprises. Remind students periodically and give parents advance notice so they’re ready for the fundraiser. If you’ll be hosting other potential donors, send out invitations in advance and reminders if necessary.

Relate the Fundraiser to Your Values

Share your mission with the community and relate the fundraiser to your values. People love to relate what you stand for with why you’re raising funds. As such, demonstrate how the fundraiser can make a difference and move you closer toward your goals and objectives as a school.

Expand Your Reach

you can raise the potential of your fundraiser by reaching out to people beyond your own school community. Most people will be happy to chip in and offer their support for your school. You can share your team store’s link to share the fundraiser with those who aren’t local. This will help you when looking for as much support as you can get.

Thank Your Supporters

Don’t forget to show your gratitude for any support given. You can show your appreciation with a luncheon after the fundraiser or with cards from the kids. Community announcements or thank you notes can also go a long way in letting volunteers and supporters know that you appreciate them.

Bottom Line

Raising funds for your school can be easy with the right school fundraising tips. Having a team store will help your fundraiser by receiving funds from supporters who aren’t local. Our team here at Huddleup Stores is prepared to help you set up your team website for your fundraiser.