What can I sell to fundraise a project? If you’re a beginner in fundraisers, and are learning how to sell your product as a fundraiser, don’t worry. There are many items you can sell for fundraising, and very neat and simple fundraising ideas for schools, charities, community projects you can do. You just need to know your budget, design a strategy and begin. 

What Can I Sell to Fundraise

This article will illustrate you some fun things to sell for fundraisers, along with some strategies for your fundraising ideas for schools, charities or any other project you’re currently enrolled in.

What is Your Role as a Fundraiser?

You, as a fundraiser, gather funds for a specific project. Your main duty is to create merchandise in order to increase awareness of your group’s work, goals, and monetary needs, and as such, your responsibilities include the following:

1. Finding potential donors.

2. Designing powerful campaigns to appeal to donors.

3. Raising funds through all kinds of strategies.

4. Keeping a record of each donor’s information.

5. Training volunteers for the campaigns.

It sounds like a lot to do, but once you come up with a neat strategy, things will come together on their own. In order to design a good strategy, however, you need to know how to raise the money, and usually the best idea is to get fun things to sell for fundraisers.

Fun Things to Sell For Fundraisers

The most popular things to sell for fundraisers are:

1. T-Shirts 

What Can I Sell to Fundraise
What Can I Sell to Fundraise

Relatively inexpensive and easy to get, this is a classic fundraising item you should consider. Because shirts are customizable, you can promote your group’s merchandise using the link to your online store. This can help people be able to support your cause, even if they aren’t local.

2. Lollipops

Inexpensive and easy to get, lollipops are incredibly popular among people (especially among children) and work in every season. Lollipops (or candies for that matter) are usually the best item to start with, if you’re completely new to fundraising.

3. Food 

Pies, cookies, and pizza are some of the most popular fundraising meals around. The best part is that, in most cases, you can prepare the recipes yourself, or make a deal with people to make them for you. Neither cheap nor expensive, food will likely attract a large crowd to your stall. This is why bake sales are common.

4. Scratch Cards & Raffles

The idea of getting a prize is tempting, which is why people are willing to buy scratch cards, raffle tickets or coupons in order to test their luck. Granted, this item is not easy to sell like the previous items, but they’re cheap to get. 


What are Some Ways to Raise Money for a Fundraiser?

What Can I Sell to Fundraise

Although our list is by no means an extensive list of all the ideas you can come up with for a fundraiser, they’re good starters for simple fundraisers. We recommend you to try some of them, and you’ll get new and innovative ideas along the way.

What is a Fundraising Activity?

It’s an event or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause. They also work as a means to increase visibility and support for an organization.

In Conclusion 

So, what can I sell to fundraise a cause? Shirts, raffles, food and so on are some of the fun things to sell, and some of the best fundraising ideas for schools, nonprofits and more. If you are looking for ways to sell apparel for your cause, our team here at Huddleup Stores can help you setup your own online store.