Easy Online Stores 

For your school, business, team, or fundraising event!

Create Your Own Team Store with HuddleUp

Why have an online Store?

Well, why not! When merchandise is ordered through huddleup, we print on demand, process your order, and ship it right away – directly to you. You’ll never have to worry about the hassle of stocking inventory, or handling cash, check, and credit card payments. It’s simple, effortless, and an efficient way to create your own team store. Start selling custom apparel, team uniforms, and more with huddleup.

Create a Team Store

Choose which products to sell

Here at huddleup, we carry a wide variety of products i.e. custom team merchandise, custom team apparel, etc. for you to sell on your online team store. Each product we offer is made with the highest quality materials in the industry – a variety of product with the highest quality sounds like a win-win to us!

You're in control

Customize the look and feel of your personal team store to fit your team’s identity. Your store will feature your logo, team colors, and designs! We really make running an online team apparel store easy.

Create Your Own Twam Gear


Huddleup is wherever your team takes you. Access your team store on mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablets! Create your own team gear with an incredible team store fundraiser that is made responsive for any size device. With huddleup, your online team store is easier than ever to get started, create your own merch store today.

Online Team Store Fundraising


made easy

Our company values the importance of consistency and accomplishing goals as a team. That’s why we’ve built in fundraising on your personalized store to take away the risk and hassle of online team store fundraising on your own. Why do we do this? It’s simple; working together can make a world of a difference and a difference in the world.
Create your own team store in minutes.

  • Walk For the Cure 90% 90%
  • New Team Equipment 65% 65%
  • Children’s Hospital 80% 80%
Online Team Store

Secure checkout

The security and protection of your payment card are of utmost importance.  We use one of the industry’s leading card processing service providers, issued with the highest level of certification, in order to protect your payment card(s).  The huddleup staff never sees or has access to your payment information.

Password protected

If you would like to keep purchasing merchandise within your team, we have an option to restrict access by adding a password to your store.

Online Team Apparel Store
Custom Team Apparel Online Store

Multiple Shipping Options

Create a team store with three types of shipping with huddleup: direct to your team or customer, direct to you, or local pick-up. This means you can let your team receive their own products, you can distribute them yourself, or you can pick up your product locally (if located in the greater Scottsdale/Phoenix area)!


How do we get paid from our online store sales?

Payments can be set up either monthly or quarterly based on the volume of product(s) that are purchased.

How much does it cost to set up our online store?

Just $500 to get started and the fee is waived for non-profits.

How do we create our free online store?

You will begin by working with our design team. Send your own Vector files, and our design team will start creating your personalized products and apparel!  If you don’t have your own Vector files, no worries! We can help you create them for a small design fee.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

No! We will be printing your apparel on demand, creating your products on demand, which removes the burden of carrying your own inventory.

Can we use our logo and colors for our store?

Yes! Huddleup creates a space for you to mimic your team’s colors, look, and feel.

Do we have to stock our own inventory?

No! We will ship directly to you from huddleup. We can also fulfill larger orders for specific team gatherings, special hangouts, etc.

How do we place an online store order?

Go to “find your store” (located in the top right hand corner of our main page), choose your specific store, and follow the online ordering process from there!

How do we track our online store sales?

As you use huddleup each month, our team can generate a monthly sales report for you to keep track of purchases being made.

How long do our orders take to ship?

Our standard processing time frame is two business days (from ordering). Custom items, bulk items, and specialty items will be given a quoted time and may take longer.

How do I get started?

Reach out to sales@huddleupstores.com to get started today!

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with one of our client service representatives!